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Company Profile



Established in 1953, Denti's (Denti familiy surname) present brand is known since 1966.

Denti’s historical background is intimately linked to the Italian power grid construction after the II World War, with an uninterrupted activity that cheered its 60 year anniversary, mainly linked to its main client Enel, the Italian multinational power utility company (

Since Enel was established in 1962, Denti is an Enel Group certified partner.

 Today Denti is a leading Italian company in the sector of construction and maintenance of power distribution large-scale projects spread over large territories, counting an organization with distinguished competences in engineering and construction of aerial and underground lines and cabins up to 33kV voltage, together with large-scale outdoor illumination plants.

All activities are performed thanks to the availability of a significative number of proprietary heavy-duty work means and equipment, as well as the employment of high professional, Enel licensed, skilled technicians trained and upgraded by the company’s internal training school and by external schools certified by Accreditation Organisms participating at the EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation), with the aim to get highest level specialized activities under Enel standards, focused on the niche subsector of overhead lines.

The company is still family owned, permanently employing on average n.35 people, with a potentiality of 5 M‚ā¨/year (net of materials‚Äô procurement) total yearly revenue.

Since 2006, Denti has internally developed a dedicated branch to large scale (multi-megawatt power level) renewable power plants (mini-grid plants in photovoltaic, hydropower, biomass generators), achieving a significant back-ground in Italy and overseas.

Since 2000, Denti is a UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality standards certified company and since 2012 certifications under Health and Safety (UNI EN ISO 45001) and Environment (UNI EN ISO 14001) standards have been acheived.             

The company owns n.2 productive facilities (logistic areas and offices), for a whole of a 20.000 sqm area located in Reggio Emilia, Province of Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna Region, Italy.

The strength of Denti’s organization stands in the matured experience of EPC - fully internal resourced - LV/MV mini-on/off-grid power plant construction, making the company confidently look at national expanding power grid market, as well as foreign countries’ electrification and globalized distributed large-scale electrical generation/power markets.     

                                                                                                The C.E.O.

                                                                                       Eng. Andrea Denti